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    Where to Buy your Knitting Machine?

    If you have read the previous post, you should have a good idea of what type of machine you want to purchase. You need to look for the best one that you can buy within your budget. For example, if you want to buy a standard gauge punch-card machine, then you can buy a new SK280 for approx £700, a reconditioned and tested machine for about £400 and an second-hand bargain for £100-300. The cheaper machines tend to be older and may not have been used for a while. Cheaper bargains can be found if you are willing to clean and service them yourself (you can find info and videos…

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    Which Knitting Machine shall I get?

    If you do a search on the Internet for Knitting Machines, you will find a vast array of different types and prices that you can buy on the second-hand market.  For a beginner, new to machine knitting, this can be very overwhelming and confusing.  It It can be difficult to decide which knitting machine to buy as the answer is not simple.  No one machine can do everything so it might be a better question to decide which one to buy first.  And as a beginner, unless you know exactly what you want to knit, this should be one that is easy to use and has easily available spares, tools…

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    What do I need to start Machine Knitting?

    As with all craft hobbies there is a range of tools and accessories that will help you as you learn to machine knit. Buying everything does cost money but if you take your time, you may well be lucky enough to find good second-hand bargains that will ensure that you can continue to knit on a budget. Overall you may need to spend money on table/space, machine, tools, accessories, spares, maintenance, yarn, patterns and learning resources. I will give more details about each of these areas in later posts. Knitting Machine: Unless you have inherited one, then you will have to buy your machine. Carefully consider which machine is right…