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Wicked Woollies help Scouts to obtain their Textile Artist Badges

I was very pleased to recently receive an email from a Girl Scout troop leader expressing her gratitude for the online resources section of my website. It seems that these links were very helpful for her Senior Scouts who were earning their Textile Artist Badges.

The scouts were able to use this as a basis for learning and for exploring further on their own. I am hopeful that they will all get their badges with flying colours.

The girls are interested in all textiles and so they are also learning about crochet and hand knitting and have sent me a link to a range of crochet and hand knitting patterns that are freely available on the Internet. They liked the fact that the patterns were arranged into Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced categories.

Although there are no machine knitting patterns, I thought it would be a nice idea to include the link here so that any machine knitters who also want to learn to hand knit and crochet could have a look. I particularly like the little fairisle cardigan for a doll that would be good to do as a starter pattern for learning how to do bigger adult cardigans.

Here is the link to all the patterns.

Thankyou girls for your kindness and I wish all success with your badge. I was a girl guide but never had the opportunity to do Textile Artists badge. It sounds great fun.

Happy Knitting!





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