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    Machine Knitting: Increasing – 2 ways

    Knitting garments usually involves shaping and that means you will need to increase or decrease stitches. In hand knitting is easy to increase and decrease stitches across the row but in machine knitting it is really only possible at the ends of the row. If you need to increase multiple stitches then this is basically casting on and you can cast on stitches at the carriage edge using whatever cast-on method you prefer i.e. e-wrap, latch tool. Most of the time you will be increasing one stitch at a time. Often your pattern may direct you to increase one stitch at both ends of the same row or by increasing…

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    What do I need to start Machine Knitting?

    As with all craft hobbies there is a range of tools and accessories that will help you as you learn to machine knit. Buying everything does cost money but if you take your time, you may well be lucky enough to find good second-hand bargains that will ensure that you can continue to knit on a budget. . Overall you may need to spend money on table/space, machine, tools, accessories, spares, maintenance, yarn, patterns and learning resources. I will give more details about each of these areas in later posts. . Knitting Machine: Unless you have inherited one, then you will have to buy your machine. Carefully consider which machine…

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    A Brief History of Machine Knitting in the UK.

    . A very early knitting machine was created in 1589 by an English clergyman called William Lee for knitting socks/stockings in the 16th century.  However, Queen Elizabeth did not want to put hand knitters out of work and so William went to France who supported the idea and slowly the sock machine spread and developed throughout Europe.  This type of sock machine is a circular type of machine not the flat-bed home knitting machine we recognise today. . . Knitting was encouraged during the two world wars in the 20th century and knitted garments became fashionable during the 1950s and 1960s when a range of simple home knitting machines and…

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    2019: A good time to learn Machine Knitting

    Hi, I am Carol land I live with my cat Jenson in the Forest of Dean, UK. (If you are a machine knitter and live nearby, I would love to hear from you). . Finding myself with time on my hand and needing a challenge, I decided to learn the old art of Machine Knitting. I have been researching into machine knitting to see if I can do this new hobby on budget. I am recording my progress, good and bad, in this blog. I am also including useful information and resources for my own reference and hopefully for other new knitters. (If you find anything out of date or…