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    Is Machine Knitting an Expensive Hobby?

    It depends upon what you are comparing it with.   It is definitely more expensive than hand knitting, but perhaps cheaper than jewellery-making or golf.  However most of the costs are upfront in obtaining your knitting machine.  After that you mostly need an annual service and a good stash of coned yarn.   If you are on a budget then accessories make good presents so write a wish-list and make sure family and friends are aware of it when it comes to your birthday. . I am based in the UK and so most of the information on this page will be based on what can be found in the UK. .…

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    2019: A good time to learn Machine Knitting

    Hi, I am Carol land I live with my cat Jenson in the Forest of Dean, UK. (If you are a machine knitter and live nearby, I would love to hear from you). . Finding myself with time on my hand and needing a challenge, I decided to learn the old art of Machine Knitting. I have been researching into machine knitting to see if I can do this new hobby on budget. I am recording my progress, good and bad, in this blog. I am also including useful information and resources for my own reference and hopefully for other new knitters. (If you find anything out of date or…