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Coned Yarn on Sale! I succumbed!

yarn2cone on sale
yarn2cone sale

If you have read my previous post, you will know that I am a yarnaholic and love being surrounded by yarns of different colours. Every now and then (well all the time!) I get the urge to acquire more yarn. However, as I am on a tight budget I need to curb my urges. Unless I find yarn at sale prices! Happiness for me is coned yarn on sale!!

Well, I found yarn at sale prices and, as hard as I tried, I could not resist my urges and succumbed. In fact, I may have gone overboard. I have spent next year’s birthday money!

Where I get my yarn from

I have two go-to places (besides Gumtree or eBay) that I can find cheap acrylic yarn for practising my skills. Yeoman Yarns do cheap yarn packs here. BSK does clearance deals on it industrial coned yarns here.

Now my favourite Facebook Group Machine Knitting have suggested a third option, that I had not heard about. Woolyknit.com. They have a sale on their Yarn2Cone industrial acrylic yarn. Wow. I have to have a look.

As someone who cannot wear wool (itching and sneezing), I like acrylic for practice and cotton or cotton/acrylic mixes for wearing. These are the best for someone on a budget. My current urge for more yarn for practice meant that I need to find some bargain yarn.

Yeoman Yarns Assorted Yarn Packs

yeoman yarn pack
6 kg yeoman yarn pack (blues and greys)

My first stop, especially for 4 ply yarns is Yeoman Yarns. They have free postage on orders over £40. As yarn is heavy it is always good to get free postage. This was a pack that I bought last year to make Xmas present jumpers for my family.

They offer a range of assorted coned yarn packs in a variety of thicknesses and fibres at amazingly cheap prices. You can see their range here. They are currently out of cotton packs but have plenty of acrylic. They have a 4 kg at £31.95 + postage but I prefer the better value 6 kg pack at £42.60 with free postage. I also check their other range of yarn for any coned yarn on sale.

When you make your order you have a section to put down any requirements. You should state that it is for machine knitting and mention the gauge of your machine. For me it is for a standard gauge machine. I like to state what thickness of yarn that I would prefer and also include my colours likes and hates. Yeoman yarns will try an accommodate my preferences if they can. Sometimes they will email a photo of the yarns for you to accept. This is a great idea. I have been happy with my packs. Colours that I like can be used in a garment. Other colours can be used for waste or practice yarn.

Clearance Yarns from BSK

BSK clearance yarn
BSK clearance yarn

Bedford Sewing and Knitting (BSK) currently have a range of high bulk industrial yarns (and some fancy yarns) on offer and they have free postage on orders over £50. You can see what they have on offer here. I searched for their cheapest deals and this is the parcel on coned yarn on sale that I received.

Currently, they have a great range of shades of cones starting at £3 or £4. For example they have 500g of 2 ply wool/acrylic black slub at £4.25 and 500g of 2 ply cotton in royal blue. They also have 1.6 kg of amber acrylic 2/12 at £7.45 and a range of blue acrylics 2/28 at about £8. Where else can you get 1.5 kg of blue acrylic yarn at £7.95! I quickly filled up my online shopping trolley with £50+ of yarn that will give me months of practice. I like the 2/28 (thick 1 ply or fine 2 ply) yarn as 2 strands give me a nice 3 ply fabric. Three strands will give me a decent 4 ply yarn.

They also have a range of other coned yarns e.g. Yeoman, Brett and Bramwell. The industrial yarns are a good price but you will need to buy 2 or 3 cones to knit together. You can also buy one cone and wind off some using a wool/yarn winder. You can twist 2 strands together using a twisting stack. I will got into more details in my next post.

Woolyknit Yarn2Cone

yeoman coned yarn pack
6kg yeoman yarn pack

I just came across a new yarn called Yarn2Cone which you can obtain from woolyknit.com. They currently have a sale on their High Bulk Acrylic Wool Cones and you can get two cones of yarn for £10. These, despite their name, are 100% synthetic and I think they are slightly thinner than BSK, but they state that 3 strands will make a 4 ply so hopefully 2 strands will create a 3 ply fabric. It may also be good for doing 2 ply double jacquard if you have a ribber attachment. I will report back in the future. The yarn feels like wool (that may be a bad thing for me!).

I chose a range of colours to make sure I got free postage and next day delivery. After a few days in quarantine I was ready to take out my order and delight in the range of lovely colours. It was also pleasing to find some shade cards in my parcel. I love shade cards so thank you woolyknit.com for sending some to me.

Now it is time to find space for my new yarn and think of all the things that I can knit with the yarn. I am determined to knit and not just look at the yarn this time!

new big stash
new big stash

So, I just piled the yarn up on top of my current stash of coned yarn on sale. I do not have much space in my small cottage. Hopefully this will encourage me to do lots of knitting. Since it looks like I will be staying indoors for some time yet, my knitting hopefully, will keep me sane.

In my next posts I will show you with how I knit with thin yarn, usually with wool winders and twisting stacks.

Happy Knitting!


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