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Lidl (shoe) Yarn Organiser

Yes it is a lid shoe carousel, but I discovered, on Facebook, that you could use it as a yarn organiser. I was intrigued and when I found one in my local store, I thought I would give it a try. You will have discovered, in a previous post, (here) that I am a yarnaholic and my practice yarn has got out of hand and needs some organisation.

Box Contents

I could not visualise how something round could be found in a flat box, but I took it home and took out the contents of the box.

carousel contents
carousel contents

It contained 3 poles, one with a spring to hold the pole between floor and ceiling. There was 8 round plastic shelves and lots of little flat plastic ‘hooks’ that slotted in to hold your shoes. They were slightly the wrong shape to hold a cone but it was worth trying. There was some little elastic bands that held up some little tubes that held up the plastic shelves. All in all an interesting design.

The instructions were a little difficult to understand, especially the bit about how to add the tight rubber bands. I just did my best to interpret the diagrams.

A hour later I had the pole assembled, but then found that my little cottage ceilings were too low for the pole. I may need to saw off some of the metal tube. Finally, I managed to wedge the pole (not totally vertical) between floor and ceiling in a corner of my spare room. Once it was wedged, I was unable to move it so it was stuck where it was. Fortunately it was close to where I wanted it.

Yarn Organiser
yarn carousel
yarn carousel

I then spent a few hours trying to figure out which cones would go on the pole and which would stay in boxes on my spare bed. I tried colours and different types of yarn. The plastic pieces that hold shoes on, are not the right shape for cones of yarn. I found that smaller cones fitted better. A few hours later, I finally had half my cones on the pole and it was not bad. I think that when I have used some of these for practice, I will use the pole for my new yarn2cone cones of yarn or other 500g or smaller cones of yarn.

So, I feel that the Lidl shoe carousel is a good way to organise and store your yarn, especially as the price is less than fifteen pounds. The round plastic ‘shelves’ rotate so that you can view your yarn, which I like. If your yarn keeps falling off the ‘plastic hook things’, then you can just store it on the round plastic shelf.

Have you tried doing this? If not, perhaps the next time you see a shoe carousel in your local Lidl you could try it.

Happy Knitting!


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